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Do I need to have medication prior to dental work?

YES! After total joint surgery you will be required to take antibiotics for any dental procedure. Most dentist’s offices have these antibiotics. If your dentist asks we recommend Amoxicillin 2gms by mouth 1 hour prior to your dental procedure. If you are allergic to penicillin, we recommend Clindamycin 600mg by mouth 1 hour prior to your dental procedure.

When do my pre-operative labs need to be done?

All labs need to be done within 30 days of your surgery date

When do I need to get my COVID-19 test?

COVID-19 tests should be administered the Monday before your surgery (24-48 hours prior)

When do I start physical therapy before surgery?

You should begin your preoperative physical therapy ASAP, the sooner the better. You should incorporate the exercises the physical therapists will teach you into your daily routine leading up to your surgery for optimal strength and range of motion.

When should I stop eating?

You should not have anything to eat after midnight the day before your surgery. You may drink water until 4 A.M. the morning of your surgery.

When do I need to drink the Boost Breeze?

Please drink the Boost Breeze 2 hours before you are scheduled to arrive at the hospital. *Diabetics will receive an alternative beverage or none at all*

Can I take my blood pressure medication?

You may take your blood pressure medication the morning of your surgery with a sip water.

How long will I be in the hospital?

The length of the hospital stay varies from patient to patient. Patients will either spend one night in the hospital or go home to the same day.

When will I follow up after my surgery?

If no complications arise, we will see you back in the clinic in 2 weeks after surgery for staple removal.

How long must I take my blood thinner after surgery?

You will need to continue taking your blood thinner (325mg Asprin or Lovenox injections) 28 days after your surgery.

When can I discontinue my Tedhose stockings, plasma flow leg squeezers and the electrical stimulation unit?

You may discontinue these items 4 weeks after your surgery date.

My leg is swollen, should I be concerned?

Because your leg is not being used normally, swelling is not unusual in the hip, knee, calf and/or foot. This amount will vary depending on individual circumstances. The swelling should diminish within several weeks/months. Icing and elevating the entire leg (above the heart) can help reduce swelling. Swelling of the leg after surgery is common and should be expected. If swelling is persistant or associated with pain in the calf or thigh, please notify the clinic as soon as possible.

I am constipated, what should I do?

Constipation is usually caused by the narcotic pain medication. We recommend drinking plenty of water, taking a stool softener daily, and if still no bowel movement, trying Miralax (or other laxatives). If you still experience trouble, please contact our office your primary care physician.

Can I shower/bath?

The Mepilex dressing is waterproof and may be worn in the shower. If the Mepilex dressing gets wet in the shower, please remove and replace with a dry dressing. Your staples will be removed in our office and replaced with steri strips. You may shower with the steri strips, wash with soapy water, don’t scrub them, and then pat the area dry. The steri strips will fall off on their own. NO BATHING/SOAKING in a tub until the wound is completely healed and closed, this usually occurs 6 weeks after your surgery.

What are the signs of a blood clot?

Worsening pain, redness, persistent swelling of the thigh and/or calf. Additional signs are chest pain and shortness of breath. If you experience ANY of these signs call the ER or the office right away.

What should I watch for?

Temperature above 101°              Severe bruising                 Marked redness or continuous drainage

Pain or significant swelling in calf               Additional severe pain                   Worsening pain or redness

Any drainage                     Shortness of breath

If you experience ANY of these symptoms, please notify Ben Anthony, Clinic Coordinator for Dr. Shephard

Preregistration for hospital stay needs to be done ASAP. Failure to get lab work completed ahead of time may result in cancelation of surgery.

Call Ginger (Dr. Shephard’s Surgery Coordinator) if you need to cancel or reschedule your surgery.    (806) 792-4329 ext. #235

Call Judy Lawley at (806) 725-3646 to attend the Joint Ranch Class. Class is held on Monday mornings at 9:00 A.M., no cost to attend, and takes approximately 1 hour.

For questions about cost of surgery, contact the billing department at Lubbock Sports Medicine @ (806) 792-4329. For questions about cost of the hospital stay, contact Grace Medical Center @ (806) 788-4000 and ask for the registration department.