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  • Dr Shephard has been taking care of me and my family members for several years now. He performed a knee replacement on my mom (84 years old at the time of replacement), a hip replacement on my brother, knee joint injections and maintenance for me and my mom. He has the best “bed side manner” of any doctor we have ever used. He listens to your needs and wants. He shares his feelings and explanations for procedures and care in a professional yet down to earth way. He is a great orthopedic surgeon and an extremely nice man. We love him for all of these reasons and more. It is obvious that he models excellent work ethic and patient care to all of his staff because they, too, exhibit the same quality care of patients. This is especially true of Holly, Dr Shephard’s PA. She is a great listener, shows care and concern for your well-being, and is very professional. Thank you, Dr Shephard, and thank you to all of your staff members
    By - Carrie F
    15-Sep-2020 06:21 PM
  • Dr. David Shephard performed my hip replacement 1 year ago. I could not be happier. I had dreaded the thought of surgery for years, remembering the pain and problems a relative had encountered 20 years ago. I knew the whole process had changed, but it is still something that had stuck in my mind. Once I visited with Dr. Shephard and made the decision to have my hip replaced, I have wondered why I waited so long. Dr. Shephard made me feel so comfortable with my decision, never once trying to talk me in to, or out of it, just supporting me 100%. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Shephard, but aside from that, having a doctor that is both an expert in his field, and one that never talks above or below your understanding is something you rarely find. I have and will recommend Dr. Shephard to anyone facing a hip replacement.
    By - Tammy
    04-Sep-2020 03:16 PM
  • Outstanding experience. Very professional and did an outstanding job. The results quicker and better than expected
    By - TonyH
    18-Aug-2020 09:41 PM
  • Dr. Shepard has done both of my hips and both surgeries were amazing! He is always attentive and answers any questions I might have. My healing and therapy went just as he had planned for me! I would recommend to anyone! He is an amazing Doctor!
    By - June L
    06-Aug-2020 09:36 PM
  • I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Shephard and the robotic assisted TKR that was performed on my knee. It was a tough decision to go ahead with this surgery at my young age of 45. Dr. Shephard was very reassuring that this was my best option for a better and more active lifestyle. I am now able to do all the activities I was not before surgery. A more active and healthy lifestyle will help my overall health for years to come.
    By - Kirk W
    04-Aug-2020 11:06 PM
  • Dr. Shephard replaced my knee the first part of March. I started walking 2 hours after surgery and never stopped. I had very little pain after surgery. My knee adventure began In January with full explanation for my knee pain and RX for surgery and the best thing was RX for physical therapy. I did therapy for 2 months before surgery to teach all my MS muscles what I needed to do after surgery. This was so helpful. I continued 2 1/2 months more therapy. I never stumbled or fell. Dr. Shephard and his staff were the best at explaining every detail. He was on time for everything.
    By - Carol A
    28-Jul-2020 04:26 AM
  • I have been seeing Dr. Shepard for about 2 years, first for a diagnosis and then for surgery. I had a complete knee replacement in January 2019. Dr. Shepard and his office have been excellent from day one. But, since the extra precautions since Covid-19 has been in our lives, they have truly gone above and beyond to make me,as a patient, feel safe at all times. They truly think outside of the box to serve each patient as if he were the only one. Exceptional practice!
    By - Gracie W
    13-Jul-2020 11:01 PM
  • Dr. David Shephard did a full knee replacement for me in June of 2019. I received excellent care and my knee is great. Not only is Dr. Shephard an excellent surgeon, but is also a very nice and kind person.
    By - Linda N
    02-Jul-2020 03:41 PM
  • I am very pleased with care I received from Dr. Shephard and his team. His team approach to your care is awesome. I would highly recommend Dr. Shephard for any type of joint replacement surgery.
    By - Vicki B
    19-Jun-2020 05:44 PM
  • As an extremely nervous patient from the very beginning, Dr. Shephard and his entire team (schedule coordinator, physician’s assistant, athletic coordinator, etc.) have gone above and beyond to accommodate my needs, fears, and concerns. Having had several surgeries over my lifetime in the Houston and Dallas areas, I can say this doctor and his team are the best team I have EVER had. Dr. Shephard has met with me each and every time I have an appointment; he is firm with expectations, but so exceedingly kind and helpful. This doctor reads everything from PT notes, etc. and is completely prepared when he sees me at each visit. If the time ever comes when I need another surgery, this doctor is the only one I would even consider. He has been a blessing to me. Thank you, Dr. Shephard for a great new knee!! db
    By - Daphnia B
    18-Jun-2020 03:09 PM
  • Had a total knee replacement, could not have gone more perfectly. Was back to 90% in 7 wks! Dr Sheppard and his staff are wonderful!
    By - Doug W
    12-Jun-2020 01:09 PM
  • I had a total right knee replacement in 2014 and fell on my knee a few weeks ago. Dr. Shephard is a skilled physician and a caring physician. He is always available to answer any question concerning my needs. When returning to him for a checkup after my fall he again was a caring physician and assured me that the knee was not damaged. These kind of experiences in life as you grow older are very unsettling and Dr. Shephard stepped up as a skilled physician with assurance that everything was all right. The staff that Dr. Shephard has also works to bring that same general caring feeling to his patients. It is great to have a physician who cares.
    By - Sharon K
    08-Jun-2020 12:25 AM
  • Dr, Shephard has replaced both my knees. The first one was in 2014 and the second one was in 2019. I have had great success with both knees and it's the best thing I have ever done. I have total mobility, I can easily walk a flight of stairs, squat down and do whatever I need to. He and Holly are both very personal and caring. They take whatever time is necessary to answer your questions. You understand what is going to happen every step of the way. I think he is the best in Lubbock for knee replacement!
    By - Clara E
    30-May-2020 05:31 AM
  • I was suffering from advanced arthritis at the age of 45. I was unable to do the activities I wanted to stay healthy and fit. I was very concerned about doing a total knee replacement at a young age. Dr. Shephard showed me the benefits of this procedure and I felt confident to have the surgery. I have had a very successful recovery with very little pain. I am glad I decided to not wait to have my knee replaced. I can now participate in activities with my family that I was unable to before the surgery. I feel I got my life back and I look forward to the future with my new knee. Dr. Shephard was very professional and personable. I would highly recommend his services.
    By - Kirk W
    12-May-2020 10:31 PM
  • I was involved in a bad wreck1993. Dr Shephard did a total replacement of my knee in 2016. My right femur was totally crushed in the car wreck. Dr. Shephard was able to put in a total knee replacement. Thank you to Dr. Shephard and his staff.
    By - Dennis D
    01-May-2020 12:59 PM
  • Dr. Shephard performed THP on both hips. He is very informative, knowledgeable, and has an excellent disposition. The entire process was handled in a very professional manner. Excellent staff and assistants. Would highly recommend.
  • Friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable, Dr. Shepard is also a very nice and personable man. He answers question and follows up after surgery.
  • Dr Sheperd did my hip replacement surgery and just yesterday my knee replacement surgery! He is truly an amazing Orthopedic Surgeon! Surgery went wonderful and absolutely no problems at all after surgery.

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